Step to Exit From Google Sandbox in 2013 Dino Algorithm

In this year 2013 Google launch new Algorithm called Dinosaurus, it means before new article submitted to SERP will be filtered by this dino algo.

This will make search ranking position better with only best article in the page 1. So if your articles are slow in indexing this could be because effect of dino filter. And if every article you have written are not indexed then your site may be in sandbox effect.

How to exit from google sandbox ? there are many way but first you have to realize what make your site goes to sandbox. First of course content, you know content is the king. Never ever duplicate content, clear all of your copy paste articles , means your article is unique.

Then make it natural, do not make too many backlink more over backlink from not clean site. Now in 2013 you have to concern to other regulation that your article should have no many keyword repeat. Use keyword naturally and use header tagging (h1, h2, h3) in good way, do not use it too many

After all of article editing like above guidance then replace your sitemap, clean your external link, do not use floating ads or script. Enough? not, go to webmasters tools look at html improvement if there is something wrong such as duplicate title, fix it. then fetxh as google bot then finally re add your site to google add url.

Hope this tips will make your site better and back from google sandbox.

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