Tomb Raider Coastal Forest 2013 Guide

Tomb Raider Coastal Forest 2013 Treasure map Guide also Mountain Temple - Base Exterior

look at east side area on the map, you should find bridge around waterfall. You have to reach waterfall, but how to do that? find a rock ledge with plank (made from wood) then you can jump from that plank to the beam on bridge so you can reach other platform. You can find the treasure map on crate with coord 53N 712382 UTM 3416 116

play video ggame uide for Tomb Rider Coastal Forest

Tomb Raider Mountain Temple
when you have climbed up ladder you will see big building, go to th eleft side to arrive at waterfall. then dive into water to seek a cave. you will be guided to hidden alcove where you can get treasure map on crate

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