Tomb Of The Unworthy Puzzle Solution and Location TombRaider 2013

Tomb Of The Unworthy puzzle how to solve guide and Location information for TombRaider 2013 game for this gamers will be rewarded by Mountain Village Relic Map

Tomb Of The Unworthy Puzzle

tomb rider Puzzle Guide: first you have to light up the torch, to do this simply use the pot or you can also utilize your flint if you already obtained flint. Now use the fire to burn the bodies on mesh stucture. then you need to push off more weight to let the lift rise up. so there is enough space for Lara croft to climb and atain the treasure chest

Tomb Location : first you have to run to maountain village, then get the claimbing axe, after that go back to Tomb Of The Unworthy base at the bottom of waterfall. now you can use the axe to enter the tomb

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index : how to pass Tomb Of The Unworthy puzzle - an answer info, check other tomb raider 2013 guide here

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