The button Affair Walkthrough Game Guide

The button affair walkthrough this game is about enzo Gabriel with the mission of stealing priceless Button Jewel - You run the game on Pc both windows and Mac with free - Please see the guide and gameplay below

THe button Affair Walkthrough

This is action and timing game. In this game you have to beat or avoid the guards, lasers, traps and other secutiry sensors. the buttons configuration are:
right arrow : speed up
up arrow : jump
down arrow : roll

There some chapters and every chapter has more depply story about enzo and victor competition. and the game's layout is simply but magnificent. It's kind of remarkable how expressive figures are with just their body gestures, thinking of there are o no faces.

Game Developer are providing the game for free, but for those who download and enjoy the game conceive donating a dollar for charity that is dedicated to difable persons. The devloper are

Ollie Clarke @OllieClarke
Striving to develope games that provide good entertainment and she's Enthusiastic to construct relationships to make the game better .

Helana Santos @helana_s
She is a games programmer with a enthusiasm to blend creative imagination with technology.

Chris Randle @chris_randle
He's Interested in generating music especially for games

Jon Mann @mannjon79
He love to make games more fascinating.

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