Lion Attack Woman when Mk Love with boyfriend - Sharai Mawera

Lion Attack Woman Sharai Mawera - when Mk Love with boyfriend - and he couldnt help his girlfriend and finally she died tragically in March 2013.

Sharai Mawera and her boyfriend were at a quiet area in the bush in the northern town of Kariba - zimbabwe when the lion attacked from behind. the boyfriend jumped without cloth and leave his girlfriend attacked by lion. Finally the woman died at the scene.

sharai Mawera works the local market and while her boyfriend is a fisherman. their friends said they had met at the same location before this incident

When the lion attacked The man jumped to escape, stopping at a distance to look back and saw his girlfriend being attacked before running to the road to find help, said his friend.

police and rangers from the Zimbabwe Parks go to the scene , but it was too late for Ms Mawera, the lion attack neck and stomach. Police guess that the same lion have attacked a man who gone away several days before.

update: Lion attack sharai mawera

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