Halls Of Ascension Puzzle and Location Tomb Raider 2013

How to pass Halls Of Ascension Puzzle and Location guide for Tomb Raider 2013 game and you will get reward Mountain Village GPS Cache Map

Halls Of Ascension Puzzle

Puzzle Guide : First look at to the left side of the room you will see window there, there is also platform dangling above. Begin the puzzle with closing the door on left, use crank. then switch the crank to raise platform. by doing this the shutter will open slowly. Now you have to be fast to run to the platform when it's been lifted, now wait until the shutter open for the second time. after it open the platform will be blowed to the right by the wind. Now you will see a board so Lara can jumpt and hang. Now simply move to be in hallway, you will see treasure chest at the end of the hallway.

video guide for Tomb Raider Halls Of Ascension Puzzle

Tomb Location: First go to overlook base in mountain village, it is the place where lara croft go to seek the rescue smoke signal . After you get the arrow with rope and flint. use the arrow to attain north ledge then stick to upper route. use the second arrow to attain the tomb gate

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