steaua bucharest VS Chelsea Date 2013 Schedule Goals Highlights Tickets

Steaua Bucharest VS Chelsea Date 2013 Schedule also watch Goals Highlights and online Tickets available round 16 europe league in bucuresti stadium live stream

The first leg of this game is steau bucuresti VS chelsea at march 7, 2013
second leg : Chelsea VS Steaua Bucharest at march 14, 2013

Steau Bucharest is found in 1947 and current position in local League is rank 1 with 2 loses. The team is in high condition with average scored goal = 2.42 and avg. conceded goal only 0.79

Chelsea is found in 1905 . this stamfordbridge club in current EPL position rank : 3 with 5 loses. avg. scored goal =2.12 and concede goal average : 1.18

The statistic in local league show that SB is superior then chelsea. but we know that EPL has higher tension in local league.

Steaua Bucharest VS Chelsea schedule

chelsea vs Steaua Bucharest schedule

watch the latest highlights and goals

wait for upfate of this football highlights Steaua Bucharest VS Chelsea Date 2013

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