Star Trek Into Darkness Walkthrough

Star Trek Into Darkness Walkthrough game guide for how to unlock weapon and items for PC PS# and XBOX 360

Star Trek Into Darkness Walkthrough

The game is released before the movie, published by paramnount, they hope that this game will give strat trex fans experience to jump into the sci-fi world , of course the main idea is the U.S.S. Enterprise

Brian Miller executive producer of StarTrek into darkness Video Game said : Giving gamers the opportunity to explore the U.S.S. Enterprise is one of the more fascinating of our video game and the game payers will feel that they are part of enterprise starship crew. The game story is made by marianne krawczyk a Bapta award winner

Pre order for this start trex game is started since dec 21, 2012 so you can order now. user will have access to ellite officer pack for exlusive items and uniforms.

detail of exclusive Elite Officer Pack are :
  • Stealth Pack – this is stealth uniform for Kirk and Spock , dompleted by Starfleet Type IV weapon for Stealth Sniper Rifle and you will also get extra ammo
  • Kelvin Pack – kelvin uniform for Kirk and Spock U.S.S. you will also get Kelvin Hand Phaser
  • Brawler Pack – this is costume with jacket type for Kirk while for spock, it's Vulcan Science Academy costume
  • Kobayashi Maru Pack – Kobayashi Maru uniforms for kick and spock
  • Academy Pack – this pack is uniform for Kirk Academy and for Spock it's Officer Dress Uniform completed with Phaser

wait our update for Star Trek Into Darkness Walkthrough and game guide

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