Sam Woodhead missing in Queensland Australia Full Story

Sam Woodhead missing in Queensland Australia - Sam Woodhead 18 years old a British Backpacker is missing in the Queensland Outback. An Authorities spokesman said the hunt started again at 5.30am, with SES volunteers and cops , about 130km south of Longreach, where SAm Woodhead went missing.

Additional authorities assets will also be delivered in from adjoining areas and towns to assist locate Sam who was last seen on Tuesday.

Police verified aircraft and a helicopter would also be utilized
Sam Woodhead wants to join the Royal Marines That's shy even on his holiday iin Ausie Sam still go on long runs to remain fit.

Police concern he got injured within run and could be crucial as temperatures rise.
his worried family can only wish he turns up safe and well to joke about "all the bother".

Sam Woodhead missing in australia
Sam Woodhead missing in Queensland Australia

It was 39C yesterday said search co-ordinator Sergeant Dave Perry . It's hard region with long ranges between water, we worry for been bitten by a snake
Sam worked at Upshot Station, it's a 12,800 ha of sheep and goat farm , around 10 days before he went missing.

Owner of the farm Tanya Dawson last saw Sam watching television on his day off at about 5.30pm Tuesday before she went to check on water supplies,
Ms Dawson, find SAm bedroom door closed and food taken, so he assumed Sam went to bed.
Early wed Ms Dawson find Sam was still not around on his work day.
She found his bed was empty and a backpack were missing, but his wallet and phone were left behind.

police can only assume SAm Woodhead went for a run or walk with his backpack because no vehicle was taken but he did not know if he was carrying water.
It is probable he may have been jogging on this event and become disoriented.

Rebecca his sister said that it Would be a great birthday present if her brother would just turn up and ask what all the fuss is about
John te Kloot, owner of a nearby farm, has flown his Cessna light aircraftfor the past two days to support rescue helicopters. update for Sam Woodhead missing in Queensland full story

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