OC Shooting Full Story

OC Shooting Story , this is just another incident and this will keep happen until gun selling is prohibited. watch this orange county tragedy news video below

OC Shooting

The story was started just as the morning activities was on going. Police say, a college student (20 years old) shot a woman at his home and set out on a line of shootings that expanded through the center of OC (Orange County), focusing on randomly people throughout their morning activities.

He stole a truck from a fuel station, Authorities said, then shot a amn then stole his car (a BMW) . then in a minutes, he shot a man (identified as plumber) and stole a work truck. He shot randomly at morning on the 55 Freeway, striking no less than 3 cars.

OC Shooting

OC shooting

Then after kill 3 people and hurt other 3 people he shot himself. The man is discovered as Ali Syed, police has no criminal record about this man and police got no hints of the motive
The man said to a someone in the street within the incident -1 just killed someone and this is my last day-

The News of orange county shooting

Police found the first victim on Tuesday at a beige-and-white stucco condo in Ladera Ranch neighborhood. Ali Syed lived there with his parents

A Neighbor named as Jason Glass stated he noticed 3 until 5 shooting in the early morning. then He heard a car sound . Police came at 4:45 a.m after Ali's parents called 911.

wait for update of OC shooting incident

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