Minecraft Survival Walkthrough

Minecraft Survival Walkthrough game guide island maps download server information

Minecraft Survival Walkthrough

in this game players must collect structure, resources, battle mobs, explore land and maintainn hunger. Players also have invetory to place items. with this items players may make tools using recipes or crafting on crafting table .

survival has ending game with defeating ender dragon. there are 2 2option
a. look for nether fortress and utilize wither skeleton skulls to make wither
b create eyes of ender then defeat ender dragon

Minecraft Survival Walkthrough

1 begin overworld
2. look for caves and canyon for first night
3. create wooden pickaxxe
4. develope home with bed, chest, crafting table and furnace
5. find underground that has big deposit of materials
6. find iron ore then smelt to iron ingots
7. strike diamonds
8. mines obsidian
9 make portal to nether
10. go to nether
12. defeat blaze creatures get blaze rods. utilize it in potion for last quest
13. back to overworld then defeat endermen and get ender pearls

minecraft survival servers
ip :, port : 25565
ip :, port : 25565
ip :, port : 25565
ip :, port: 25565

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