Metal Gear Rising Left Arms Locations

Metal Gear Rising Left Arms Locations game guide

Metal Gear Rising Left Arms Locations

How to get officer left arm? use augmented vision to locate the officers then do not kill the enemy just cut the left arm and you have to be in the blade mode

File R-01: Coup detat:
for first Officer Left Arm :you need to move to the place where you find first helicopter.
2nd Left Arm : Ongoing by the level, you have to goo through a destroyed building. Just as you attain the next zone, dont forget to use special vision to find the offivers.
3rd Left Arm : you just need to go to back area for a the officer.
4th Left Arm : Inside the manufacturing area, induce an alarm by allowing the cameras look at you. The group of reinforcements will include an officer.

File R-02: Research Facility
1st Left Arm : Soon after get into an odd sight but prior to come into control of the Dwarf Gekko, you can go into an enemy ambush in the last room. The officer location is amid the soldiers.
2nd Left Arm : As soon as finishing the area with the remote controlled Gekko, take a look at the spontaneous soldiers to find one is an officer.
3rd Left Arm : go to the GARD, you’ll see the officer right near the left turn beyond.

Metal Gear Rising Left Arms Locations

File R-03: title : Mile High
File R-04: title : Hostile Takeover
File R-05: title : Escape From Denver
File R-06: title : Badlands Showdown
File R-07: title : Assassination Attempt

to get A Big Fan of Lefties achievement for 20 points / Bronze: you just need to Acquire all enemy officers’ left arms. Metal Gear Rising Left Arms Locations

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