How to unlock Devil Horns in Dead Space 3

If you ask How to unlock devil horns in deep space 3 follow our game guide below.

Devil Horns unlock

Devil horns is also known as Foam finger. it's one of most powerful weapon , you only need one shoot to kill the enemy. There is 2 mode for this weapon , bang for main weapon and pew for for alt-fire.

To unlock devil horns first complete main campaign. After that play again but this time with new game+ mode and difficulty game option is set to classic.

After completing classing mode on newgame+ then you will get that powerfull weapoon

for detail guide please see this video

Dead Space 3 devil horns unlock game guide

There is hidden message in this game
there are 19 chapter, take first letter of chapter title then you will find the message = Brother Moons are awake
Letter B is taken from Beginning (prolog chapter), Letter R is taken from Rude Awakening from Chapter 1 and so on.

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