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How to pass all levels in this origami flash game, you can follow this folds walkthrough to solve stealth bomber, cornered , invader from space and other stages with our tips and tricks.

Folds Walkthrough

Folds game is a flash game developed by Bruce summer and sponsored by Kneo, you can play this on pc, but if your smartphone has flash plugin you can play this game on your phone too.

Get the game free from many sites, one of them is :

Folds game

There are 2 options in this game, it's play music and sound, but we think you will not disable this option unless you are in the office, but hey you are working in the office, do not play game :)

The goal of the game is to fold the paper (by dragging or sliding) so it will make the certain shape. but there is movement limitation and different for every level

There are 34 levels and first you have to play introduction . simply drag to fold the paper then go to next level

To select certain flods game level you can click show menu on right screen then click level select
next level are : two folds, one medium triangle, simply rectangle, taco, torch, it's trapezoid, diamond, chinese finger trap, precise reduction, stealth bomber, cornered, invader from space

Tips : sometimes folds over the line, or fold half , Look at tips from the video below

other folds walkthrough video guide : cornered

for level :its a bird it's aplane , letter t , you are number one , jet , cup , glider, number 4 , snake, short shorts, ribbon, w for win, flower , zero , snail , letter h , lift off , swan , letter b, a heart, barn , musical note watch this video

based on 3 videos guide above you should solve the puzzle easier.
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