Ferrari F150 Price Specs

Ferrari F150 price new higest super car from italian manufacturer for Geneva Auto show 2013. what is ferari F150 specs? read below

ferrari f150 price

With this car we can go only 2.5 second for 0 - 100 km. and you can imagine how fast 370 km/hour top speed. The power comes from 800 HP of V12 engine taken from berlinetta F12 with 6,3Lt diplacement plus Hy-Kers electric hybrid from F1 with 120 horse power.

Ferrari F15 price

The price is 1.2 million Euros or about US $ 1.2 M. the question is the car will only made for 499 units. Why? we think all of you can buy this car :)

Well Hy-Kers engine system also will reduce Co2 emision for 40%. and the ration is 1 . it means 120 kg of car weight for 120 horse power. The body is made from 4 type of carbon fiber and use F1 monocoque chassis.

ferrari f150 specs

Ferrari F150 Specs

Engine type : V2
cylinder : 8 with V90 degree
valves : 32
diplacement : 6,3 Lt
piston bore : 98 mm
engine weight : 93 kg
transmisiion : pneumatic
chassis : carbon fibre with honeycomb structure
gear number : 7 and reverse
gearbox : ferrari longitudinal
brake : brembo ventilated carbon disc barke
Front and rear Suspension : Independent suspension with push-rod activated torsion springs
front and rear Wheel size : 13 inch

ferrari F150 video

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