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Skyrim Dragonborn PC console codes player add item code game guide

Dragonborn PC console codes

This DLC comes to PC finally. Well the story is about mysterious cult. Game players will find black book an they can reset perks, enhance dragonshouts , add new abilities etc. Dragonborn DLC price is $20

How to use console commnad on PC
First press tilde key (`), this will lead to console. then enter the code to activate the item. remember to save your game first to protect from bug or crash.

type : payer.additem item xxx
change item with item name and xxx with amount of item

Below is list of item if you can't find some items simple type help itemname, and you will get the code
Before the item code there 2 letter XX. You must replace this XX with 00 or 02 0r 03 or other digits. this means amount of mods or DLC you have installed on your device. If you have only dragonborn DLC then replace the xx with 03
for example ahzidal xx0240FE will be ahzidal 030240FE

Dragonborn PC console codes

Unique Weapons codes
Bloodscythe xx018ddd
Champion’s Cudgel code xx01a578
Bloodskal Blade xx01AEA4
Dwarven Black Bow of Fate code xx02c01a
Glass Bow of the Stag Prince xx018ed5
Horksbane game code xx026490
Hoarfrost xx0179c9
Miraak’s Sword xx039FB4
Miraak’s Staff xx039FA6 / xx039FAC / xx039FAD
Soulrender code xx036689
Stormfang code xx026b0b

Unique Armor codes
Ahzidal code xx0240FE
Ahzidal’s Boots of Waterwalking code xx01c655
Ahzidal’s Armor of Retribution code xx01db97
Ahzidal’s Helm of Vision code xx01db98
Ahzidal’s Gauntlets of Warding game code xx01db99
Blackguard’s Armor code xx02ad33
Blackguard’s Gloves code xx02ad32
Blackguard’s Boots code xx02ad34
Blackguard’s Hood game code xx02ad31
Dukaan code xx0240FF
Deathbrand Boots code xx02401a
Deathbrand Armor code xx020401b
Deathbrand Helm code xx02401d
Deathbrand Gauntlets code xx020401c
Falx Gauntlets code xx01a575
Falx Boots xx01a573
Falx Helmet xx01a576
General Carius’ Armor code xx0376f1
Miraak’s Boots xx03d2af
Miraak xx039d2b / xx039d2e / xx039d2f / xx039fa1 / xx039fa2 / xx039fa3
Visage of Mzund game code xx038add
Miraak’s Gloves xx02b0f9
Zahkriisos code xx024037

Unique Miscellaneous codes
Exquisite Sapphire xx039e4e

Materials codes
Stalhrim xx02b06b

more item codes
Dragonborn PC console codes

other Skyrim dragonborn PC console codes are for items : Clothing , Accessories, Weapons, Armor, Spell Tomes, Spider Scrolls, Food, Ingredients, Trama Root xx017008, Potions, Books, Keys. cek the update

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