Die Rise Walkthrough

Black Ops 2 BO2 Die Rise Walkthrough Game guide for Revolution DLC

Die Rise  Walkthrough

Building 1 Top Floors
you can start with olimpia weapon located at the right of the door. after opening the oor you will find hallway where you can find M14 beside elevator. the elevator has quick revive . and in another elveator is who's who. in this area you can find also 4 items : flag, engine, bellows , square chain link fence. These items is needed for building trample steam by putting them all on a workbench 2 floor down.

Trample stamp is used for fling zombie or getting vertingoner trophy. Now you can go to next area by 2 options. to the right of m14 then walk down the stairs, other way is through the hole in the wall then pass shopping region.

Building 1 - Down 1 Floor
in this area you can find 2 weapons : PDW 57 located around stairway and SVU AS in the shopping center

Building 1 - Down 2 Floors
reach the room by stairs from last floor and you can arrive to other room via elevator down . YOu can get mystery box there . you can also get B23R weapon around quick revive elevator. Then jump to next building and land on mattress

Upside Down Building - Down 3 Floors
you can find colt M16A1 weapon near mystery box by going through the bridge. then go to the door and follow the way until you see a hole in the floor, then jump down to next floor
When ready, go through the door nearby. Follow the path until you reach a big hole in the floor. Take the hole down to the next floor.

Die Rise Walkthrough

Upside Down Building - Down 4 Floors
there is nothing interesting item in this area, so jump down to go to netx floor

Upside Down Building - Down 5 Floors
in this floor you can purchase Galvaknuckles . or you can just continue down the elevator tthat wiil lead you to a big room. Make sure there's some place to jump on to while going down the shaft. jump from platform to platform do not jump for several floor because it will make damage.

Upside Building - Down 6 Floors
in this floor you can purchase AN-94 weapon it's location is on the wall.after elevator shaft Continue through the halls and rooms until you reach a door. Buy the door for 750 Points to reach the final room of this building. To the left of the final room is a pillar which players can use to jump to the next building.

Building Two Down 6 Floors
in this building you can get AK74u weapon , the location is Outside wall of building two. there is also Remington 870 MCS weapon in Outside wall of building two. Try to make your way through until you reach a workbench near a couple of elevators. This workbench is used to build the Sliquifier. The parts are on the next floor.
to go to next floor Clear the debris blocking the stairs with 1000 Points.

Die Rise Walkthrough
Building Two - Down 5 Floors
The main area contains a door on the left for 1000 Points, a door in the middle for 750 Points (Sewing Room), and two door on the right for 750 Points.
The middle door leads to the sewing room, and costs 750 Points. This room contains the power switch! To the right of the power switch are several elevators which will contain more random Perk-A-Cola Machines. The machines that will be randomized throughout this building are:
Jugger-Nog , Pack-A-Punch Machine, Double Tap II Root Beer, Mule Kick

Building Two - Rooftop
you can find a Bowie Knife at the very top of the elevator shaft. too get Semtex Climb up the ramp with the dragon, then jump off to the right to find them. Further right is another elevator with a Perk machine and a Mystery Box Spawn in a small room. other item you can find here are Claymore and semtex at Rooftop

Building Two - Down 1 Floor
in this building you can buy MP5 weapon at One floor down from roof of Building Two
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