Dead Space 3 Unlimited Items Infinite Health Metal Resources

Dead space 3 unlimited items infinite resources metal health. there are 3 game tricks

Dead space 3 unlimited items

1. when you are near of the end section of chapter 8 game. you will see a shack with bunk beds, power generator and bench. you will get random item there. take it then exit with dor ahead you. when it closed just enter again the shack then puck up new item taht appears there. you can pick up stasis, extra money , med pack or other resiurces item. you can do this trick many times. the items you have got with this trick could be sold or just use it for better weapon.

2. when you see on screen -save and progress- around a region with item lockers or boxes just get them. after that pause so you can do this trick. choose -save and quit- then load again the game. you will find that the items appear again. so you can simply pick them all then clik save and quit again then load then again. you can repeat this trick to collect many items free. One of good place for this trick is last section of chapter 5

Dead Space 3 Unlimited Items

3. The section for this game is end section of chapter 13 game. first you have to beat the boss then an icon which is for auto save will show up when you go to snowy area with many crates there. be calm do not exit but get the items and tungsten from those crates. then pause game then save and quit. Now you have to choose -continue from last save- you will bring to snowy area remember? then look at the crates again and just collect all those items gaian. you can repeat this tricks many times.

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