Dead Space 3 weapon parts Locations Heavy Standard Frame Tesla plasma core difraction engine

Dead space 3 weapon parts locations for heavy standard frame - tesla core - plasma - diffraction torus - military engine - electric charge - telemetry spike - comapct standard frame - precision trip . Games guide for where is weaponpart location in DS3 chapter tips and tricks

Dead space 3 weapon parts locations

weapon parts Location in chapter 3

For heavy standard Frame , open the door using kinesis when tyou are in airlock , and wait until air pressure could be stabilized. After that go left and the the part of heavy standard frame beside locked door.

Tesla Core : make norton and the crew stay in the ship. after that the door will be open. Go to the door then go right. you will find big door and there is tesla core weapon part

weapon parts Location in chapter 4

Plasma Core : when you are starting the chapter just go left and look at the crate beside bench, get the part there

Diffraction Torus : you have to fly near vessel to the humungous building. it's shape is like 1/2 circle. then you will see many panels with yellow color tone. The part location is in the most left one. so just shoot it.

millitary engine : when you see elevator check left door first, millitary engine part wil be there , you need tungsten torque bar

Electric Charge : within -explore greely- side quest, remember the room when you switch off generator? there is electric charde part on the righ side of the room.

Telemetry Spike : same as above it's still in -explore greely- side mission. go to the room of dr engstom quarter. the go to reactor room to take the key. then use the key for opening little door, use also crafting bench. now take the tungsten and use to create tungsten torqwue bar. then open the door at the left side of dr. engstom quarter and get the part there.

Dead space 3 tesla core locations

Compact standard Frame : when you have dcripted message. exit the ship. then enter another ship it's L shape one and there is logo :eagle. open the door using kinesis , get the parts there.

precision tips : after go to csm brusilov you will find big wreckage , and tehre is number 9 or 6 written there. around the number you will see 2 panel. sp shoot the panels until broken. then get the part from one of them.
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