Arcade Escape Walkthrough Tickets Guide

Arcade Escape Walkthrough game guide tutorial for master key color code needle alarmn flash light location , tips from 1 to 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 tickets

This is addicting game you are locked in a room with only a pizza, you have to escape from the room with collecting tickets and use available tools, you have to think how to use and combine those simple tools.
play arcade escape game here :

Here are some tips :
Pushing button (red one) on the gun will fill the balloon

to get needle you can use knife (it's piza knife) , the needle location is in UFO

to make alarm off when you have inserted color code just utilize water gun and use it to the plate of metal

if you want to see the stamp, use uv light , now you can see it

you can get flash light from rat's head, soo clikc it to zoom then get it as fast as you can

to get the alien you must place coin to the machine then the alien will show up .

to get hammer take basketball then put to the basket in the far right

to pick up the key you must obtain red truck then use it near black game console then push the button then you will get the key from the drawer

for 17 Tickets:
yellow game console , check out inside holder of napkin then walk to left then on the floor it's underneath ticket box, then on skeet ball then check in machine drawer then take left side you will see sketball game , toos the sket ball then on hockey, then on glass, then on sign on prize then on claw sign
then walk to the left on the alarm , then on the table beside rope then on the clown
then play wack mole finally ticket slote

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