Antichamber walkthrough - Leap of faith - Impossible path

Antichamber walkthrough game guide tips and tricks for Leap of faith and Impossible path

The game is developed by alexander Bruce. and it's released for Ms windows on steam. The game is interesting because it has won many game competitions. Let's go to the game, you can start the game by choosing destination wall in menu room. Pressing esc button will lead you back.

Antichamber  Leap of faith walkthrough
First destination is leap of faith. So you just need to go forward and you will find gap, but do not jump although it's sign to jump. just keep walking and there will be floortile appear. Then when you have arrive at the end of the hall just go left, walk forwards until you fall. then keep jumping until arrive in a room. impossible path.

antichamber walkthrough

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Antichamber  Impossible path walkthrough
After choosing impossible path on map jump to WTF pit. walk forward and you will find sign and pendulum. then go left to the eye. make the eye disapeare by staring on it. then press shift to walk slowly and cross the bridge.

find 2 blue block, take the blocks and use the blocks to protect from next laser . go back and open the door
go to styarirs take blue block again for left door. then take green one and put it on slot to open the door/
Then pass fake staris and go left where there is blue dead end. take many blocks from there. use those blobks to make staircase. then jump over the wall. then keep jumping until you reach in a passage and you enter a room named butterfly effect.

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