Antichamber Butterfly Effect

Antichamber Butterfly Effect walkthrough a game guide

Antichamber Butterfly Effect

Of course first you have to choose new anti chamber destination : the butterfly effect
After being in the room take blue block then push the cube as far as you can then a platform will appear.
Hold the cube with the block go back to platform then take the bock

When the platform take you to the top jump and you will find so many doors. open first door by put the block to the slot.
wlak to next door and open all the door using the slots. finally you will find 2 slots take the block from slot and suport the door using the block.

Antichamber Butterfly Effect

antichamber game

Go back to the first from and take the first block from original slot. get all of the blocks to block the door and do not use the slot anymore.

now you can close the door and you will find in a hallway. enter the room open the door using 4 slots above, keep walking until getting the gun and arrive in the new room named learning to draw

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