400 Years Walkthrough

400 years walkthrough gameplay guide for this wonderful free game download

The game is cool make players dont wanna stop until finishing the gameplay. the idea is that you make a journey to save the world from tragedy .you will control a stone golem , you have to wait for years so you can find the way to historic world to finish your mission.

400 Years Walkthrough

During the game you will face some obtacles and limitation such as lake or cliffs. But you have no ability to jum so you just need to wait until winter to freeze the lake so you can walk over it.

So about the tree, you just need to wait the tree to grow to climb . first wait for fall season then get the seed and plat them in best area. so you can climb with tree to reach highest place. sometimes you need human help just rely on nearby the settlements. While poeple population will crate bridge and you can use it to reach area aver the bridge.

400 years game download

play the game here : http://armorgames.com/play/14662/400-years

Begin the game with going to right side of your screen and pass the water. sometime you need to wait until winter to let it frozen. keep walking until you find tree then walk up and climb up, then wait for small tree to grow or wait until the chessnuts show up in fall season. take the chesssnuts then plant beside the cliff

400 Years Walkthrough

after arriving at a village cross the lake then wait until wheat grow so you can pick it. take the wheat and carry back to vollage and plant it on left side, repeat this job until full of plant. then build second village and building anothe bridge. then cross the bridge in winter then wait in halfway until melts then fall to water to tunel .

kepp walking until find stalactite you have to wait about 100 years so you can climb go to right then you will see a boat. the boat will place nets in summer so climb it and you can arrive at a village. climb the tree there then place chessnuts beside cliff. then climbing it and the mountain so you can see a hole then block flow of lava, wait then watch the rest it cool

400 Years Walkthrough

400 years walkthrough, read other wonderful game.

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