The Cave Walkthrough 2013

Welcome to The Cave Walkthrough or gameplay Guide Tutorial and How to unlock Tips tricks. The game is published by Sega and developed by Double fine production, released in 2013. It runs well on Wii U and Steam PC.

The Cave Walkthrough
The cave guide

The concept of the game is brought by Ron Gilbert. There are seven Characthers : Monk, Adventurer, Scientist, Hillbilly,Knight , Twins, Time Traveller. Your Group is consist of three characters and beside solving problems you will also find different game situations, it depends on you groups members

Monk Character searchs for his master and his attribut is enlighting and peace. He also has unique ability. Adventurer charachter will look for 2 friends and historical cherish.

The Cave Walkthrough

The Cave Walkthrough

Hillbilly will go for love while scientist character is finding new discovery that is useful for mankind. Twins is seek for parents, the Knight charachter hunts for a sword of unique strength and he has Guardian Angel ability and this will protect him from damage including from falling from high place. And finally you should know what is Time traveler character description, and time traveler char is female.

The game started with a room and take the crowbar. then climb up from water. After that you will hear a crying sound and you will arrive at gift shop which is closed because there is no trnikets to be sold. So players have to find some trinkets.

The Cave Video

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