Swordigo Walkthrough

Welcome to Swordigo walkthrough, the game is run on iOS device suh as ipod , iPad and iPhone, maybe will be available for android platform soon. the game is developed by touch foo. it's not a free app it's $2 ($1,99 exactly), look at walthrough video at the end of this post

Swordigo Walkthrough

Let's begin the walkthrough, look at the picture above for the match number

section 1: you have quest to find your master, so jump highger with holding the jump button, right above the sign

section 2: to find your master and place with the treasure you have to enter crainwood forest, so accross the bridge, then jump then go right to acirnwoold village, there you will find hut where you can get the treasure

section 3:
a. go straight until a wall of 4 jars, it's actually behind 1st treausre
b: after you drop down you have to go left. then go down again to find gate to the cave and find 2nd treasure
c: before you exit go up and get into the cave

section 4
a. initialize the raft then go to tower then jump to top
b: after finding stairs go down , you can see the treasure there on the left

section 5:
a. first find the portal, then go down near the turtle, shoot the fireballs, keep go straight and you can find the treasure
b: look for first box then jump then go to the left direction

swordigo walkthrough video

section 6 :
a: go forward until find a red flower. so you must use 2nd spell - the bomb
b: after accessing the bomb choose lower path then go to cave, the drop down and find other explodable wall. at the end you wil see treasure and a boss

wait for update of Swordigo Walkthrough

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