Swordigo How to Pass Corrupted Grove

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If you are stuck in swordigo game especialy on on the corrupted grove, even you have defeat the boss and use double taps but stil not work , dont't worry, here are some tips

you must obtain other spell in snow place and you can use it when trying to jump across

or if you still have spare key because you have beaten the boss you can go back to wizard (top of tower), then simply go left , there you will find moving platform and there is a door too, use the key .

well actually this is for time when you get the mageblade, now you can simply go on with your other mission. and when you have mageblade you can go to the bridge and you now you can use dimension rift, that is
Swordigo How to Pass Corrupted Grove

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  • Chambers of the Flame boss
first you have to Use your dragon’s grasp spell, this trick is for hooking him closer , after getting closer just beat him. remember You may deflect the fireballs with using sword , within part two, you can repeat the same thing. then when you are standing on the moving platforms, you have another advantage beacuse you can avoid the big lava boulders.

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