Simeon VS Morgan Park Basket Ball Shooting Incident

The incident was at 9.20 p.m. outside Chicago state University after Basket ball game.  Simeon VS Morgan Park shooting chronology. In this inicident a man (about 20 years old) was shot and got a serious condition. He has taken to advocate christ medal center.

simeon vs morgan basket ball game shooting

Police has watch for a jeep and found a gun inside it and Two man has been taken to custody.

It began after an argument in handshake line. Then it become a melee and continue to paring area when the shooting happen

simeon vs morgan park shooting

Simeon Vs Morgan Park Shooting

Both of school (simeon career academy and morgan park high scholl) is located at the same avenue , at 81st and 111th street. it's about 30 blocks. And there was no physical contact within the game but they were in locker room for longer time then normal. Maybe an argument was started there.

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