Pocket God 48 Walkthrough

Here it is game tips and tricks for Pocket God 48 walkthrough. This is new episode of Developed by Bolt Creative, a popular games creator. Hope this gameplay help you to solve the game better.

Let's see previous one, episode 47
Begin with dance room , it's in apocalypse temple find a new room in right side where there is electric shock thingymbob. you have to touch 2x. then slide closet and take a pygmy who is named Tom .

Get into chamber to change another pygmy to a baby. then place the baby to hand of Tom to make it an alien god xenu. after placing pygmy to its tentacle , a black gem will be dropped.

Next step is placing pygmy on time pedestial, to let the bug queen eat it. then place pygmy in gogo cage. infect - clease then electric shock thignimabob. Now you have 7 gems. the gems is need to trap xenu. then a pygmy named Sun will come, then save her from xenu tentacles.

pocket god video walkthrough

We are still waiting for new episode release from game developer, so Please wait for pocket god 48 walkthrough.

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