Mad Father Gems Locations | Madfather endings

This is cool game and there are 2 things you must know 21 mad father gems locations and Mad Father endings because there at least three options until know to end the game.

After completing all game sections which are : intro - B1F - B2F -B3F - Tunnels - Ending. you can find 21 gems to unlock the gallery and extra scenes, Where are the gems?

mad father gems locations

mad father gems locations

1st gem in 2F Nursery
2nd gem. at the Hall gate
3rd. at the kitchen in 1F area
4th gem in the Attic
5th gem. in Cafeteria in 1F region
6th gem. in Courtyard where you fill bucket with water
7. inw est hallway in 2F Hidden Room
8. go to doll Room in 2F
9. find the gem in Cultivation Room in B1F
10. get the gem in open room B1F
11. Hallway of B1F
12, corridor of B2F
13. from B2F jail go to Tunnel Hidden Passage
14. find the gem in Tunnel Big Passage
15. get it in Tunnel Cultivation Room
16. in 2F bedroom you have to look at event between mother and daughter subjects. take the Pendant in Archives then use it in Bedroom
17. complete a condition in B1F Corpse Room (Lead body to head)
18. you need to Give the eyeless girl in B1F
19. B2F Laboratory , complete the condition
20. to get the gem Free the man in Jail in B2F area, find the key go to caves
21. you must Help the dog in Private Room in area B3F

mad father endings

Mad Father Endings

Theere are 3 endings.

1. Saving father , heal maria , then maria will save you but stabbing father
2. saving father and then do not heal maria , but Maria will kill Aya and change into doll
3. Grant Mom's Wish ,

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