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This is guide page if you ask what is mad father game and we provide also Aya mad father walkthrough step by step tips to play the game better.

First mad father is freeware game, the game is created using editor called wolf RPG. who is develope the game? a guy named sen.Now it's can only play on PC but may be someday will be available for smartphone platform so you can play the game on your iphone or galaxy tab.

mad father game

mad father game

It's about aya story, the genre is mysterious and a bit horror story. She has to help her father , he is a scientits. Along the game you have to solve the mystery till the end of game

Dnload the game here for free (remember it's freeware) link and mirror links:

Mad Father Walkthrough

First Go to basement, but you need lighter that is filled by oil. to get the lighter you need to get into reception room and pick up knife on top drawer. After that use the knife to open the box. Find the box in bathroom.
Now you need oil, find it in kitchen you know how to get there.

B1F gameplay
You have to go to taxidemy room then pick up 2 items, bucket and eyeball bottle. dont forget to check maria in the lab twice, you must find out about important item there.
Go to attic using ladder then take chainsaw behind the pot
Help a girl from the cell, first show her the eyeball bottle: then go to reception room 1F then to courtyard, fill the bucket with water then extinguish the fire in reception room, then put the bottle there. after that back to girl in the cell. open the door in the cell by pulling the lever, then you will find coridor loops , choose left to speak to a lady and let her go with you.

mad father walkthrough

B2F Tips
use the chainsaw to wooden crate in laboratory then take forceps. Go to toilet to obtain the key from toilet by using forceps, wast it then open door in the hallway
Go to cafetaria , try to obtain napkin from a boy by giving him ham (use saw to cut ham then fry it)
Go to trick room then make the 2 sides exactly same (match) , to do that try this way : flip the painting, take item from soldier to armor, push the armor, pick 1/2 flowers from left vase, move the king, then use chainsaw
1st diary room, push the baby , in the 2nd one take 2 animals to push the mother, in the 3rd one give the knie to boy and use napkin to mom face, in 4th diary room, use the chainsaw to the girl

B3F tips
Get the rats
get mother perfume
in the guest room : run away from zombie, trap zombie in the 5th room

Tunnels tricks
Pass zombie patrol
use hammer to mandrake
get the key back

Game Ending
There are some options
grant mother's wish, this is not good
Save Father this is good ending but you have to fulfill the requirement

mad father walkthrough part 1

mad father walkthrough part 2

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