Dooors 73 - 74 Game Explanation

If you need explanation for dooors 73 and 74 game walkthrough, please see the detail below for each level.

Dooors 73

Doors 73 answer
  1. On your screen there is rocket you must fly.
  2. Tap rocket head from inventory the place it to the rocket
  3. Fire the rocket with match
  4. move to dial locks on the wall, change the position following the code above the door (look at the pic above for detail)
  5. Open the door and you just solve dooors 73 level

Dooors 73
iphone mobile game

Dooors 74

Look at the red dot on the wall (right side of the door) there is 3 lines from the dot, follow it to find the correct terminal then choose the right button following the terminal
So the answer is :
  • tap left button , then middle button then right button (no 1-3-5 buttons)
  • Now tilt your smartphone or tablet right and left to make the rock out
  • Open the door

After solving dooors 73 and 74 you can go to next game level.

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