Dooors 71 - 72 Explanation

Please see image and text guide for Dooors 71 and 72 game walkthrough. We try to give explanation for every level in this cool mobile app.

dooors 71

Doors 71 game answer

Look at the clue above the door, it's from monkey to tiger so it means you have to sort the speed, from lowest to fastest, then the answer is :

Starting from left rectangle on the wall
1. Choose blue color
2. Black  rectangle color
3. White rectangle color
4. Red rectangle color
Then open dooors 71 , go to next level

dooors 71

Dooors 72

Look at the purple scale, to unlock the door you have to make it full
The answer is simple just tap the tiles on the ground , the left one and the right one, keep tapping them until the purple scale is full, then open the door

Game guide for dooors 71 - 72

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