Dooors 69 - 70

Game explanation for dooors 69 and 70 walkthrough. Use tapping and tilting to pass this level. Follow detail steps below.

Dooors 69

What you have to do is to make the beat each time the dot passes the spot. to do this just tilt your smartphone or tablet when the dot touchs the spot.

You must do this thing 5 times to make the red leds above door turn to green as the sign that the doss is unlocked. After this sign appears simply tap the door, that's for dooors 69 tips.

Dooors 70

Dooors 70

This is math game, but it's easy because we think everybody know that triangle angle is 60 degree.

  • choose gun from inventory
  • shoot the cover , now you can see the clues
  • Left pic symbol is 45 degrees while right pic is triangle which is 60 degrees
  • Now make the left cards dots is 4 and 5
  • make the right card is 6 and 0 (blank)

we hope this dooors 69 and level 70 game guide is useful.

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