Dooors 67 - 68

This is Game tips and tricks for dooors 67 and Level 68 walkthrough. On this level you will see bar colors. you have to count the color.

dooors 67

But which color should be count? look at the color buttons beside door. it's red and blue. so count the red color = 5 , then blue color = 2

  1. Now move the red button 5 times from bottom
  2. move blue button 2 times from bottom (look at the pic)
  3. Then you will see a white ball
  4. tilt you iPhone left and right several times
  5. wait until 5 leds above door turn to green (it's mean unlocked)
  6. now tap the door to open

That's for dooors 67 , move to next level

dooors 68

Dooors 68

  • Look at white object
  • Take it
  • Use hammer to hit the motion tile
  • Tap the key
  • Place the key to door to open it

Thank you for reading this game guide of dooors 67 and 68.

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