Dooors 61

This is Dooors 61 game guide with full level explanation text and image, please read that below tips tricks is not for doors with 2 O letters. The game is run on iOS tablet and smartphone which are iPad and iPhone.

Dooors 61

Let's begin the game explanation
On this level you are in a bed room , it looks like in a hotel. And there are 2 white beds. look at also black dots on the wall. there are 2 code for left and right.

What you have to do is to hit the bed following the black dot, when the black dot position is in the right so hit the right bed, and vice versa for left bed,

dooors level 61

so the answer :
  • Tap Left bed,
  • Tap Right bed,
  • Tap Left,
  • Tap Left,
  • Tap Left,
  • Tap Right,
  • Tap Left.
Finally tap the door, and the door will open for next level

You see this dooors 61 level is easy, now please go to next level guide

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