100 Missions Level 17

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100 missions level 17

Before reading 100 missions 17 guide, Let's see previous level
100 missions mission 16
  • Take 3 towels from 3 lockers then place on wet ground
  • Tap switch on wall then take key on chair
  • Tap swith iin another room then get steel tray
  • Use key to open locker -greed- and pick up the item and use it to swimming pool
  • Tap the statue to open the hidden door then take the net and use it to get the pistol
  • Shoot the locker and get the silver key
  • Open secreet room door using steel try
  • Pick up CD then connect the broken wires
  • There are levelrs on desk , and pull up no.1-2-4
  • Insert cd to computer
  • Use silver key to open door beside computer , Done! Go to next Level

100 missions 17 100 missions level 17

100 missions level 17
  • Go to rolete table and take white napkin there, you will see the code 2794, enter this code on the door
  • get a key on table beside window, get the tokens too
  • look at slot machine switch on wall and witch it on
  • place tokens to slot (machine) then change all to silver eagle to get coins
  • goback and switch on pokr room light, go to table then tap the card and get the credit card
  • go back then switch on bar, go to the room then open the door using the key you get beside window before this
  • pick up towel and bottle then combine them
  • insert coin to vending machine and get lighter and chocolate
  • open chocolate from inventory to get alumunium foil then combine it with card and lighter to make molotov
  • go to the door, use card the use molotov
  • tap on the man twice to get documents
  • go to the bar and exite using the door behind counter

That's answer for 100 Missions Level 17 , go to next level

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