West Garfield Boulevard Robber Shooting

Chicago Police shoot a robber in 1600 block of west garfield boulevard, but htis make a mob reaction at the location

West Garfield Boulevard Robber Shooting

-People were hurling bottles and bricks to police cars, many cop cars are damaged- said Chicago Police Sgt.

Th epolice said 4 robbers with pistols held up a truck driver around 38th Street and Kedzie Avenue between at 10 a.m. The robbers attacked the driver,.
The truck driver had gotten out of his car and faced the thieves, but they pulled a weapon out, then the driver called 911.

Witnesses said that the robbers use a silver SUV, then the police spotted the SUV and chased it before it hit a light pole at Garfield and Ashland Avenue,

Three of the them ran , but the fourth was faced the cop , and the man slammed the officer to the ground, The other cop saw the suspect getting a metal object in his pocket, The cop thinking it was weapon, then shoot at the man. but the witnesses didn't see the weapon there

That's news clip for Chicago West Garfield Boulevard Robber Shooting

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