Skyrim Deathbrand Unlock Tricks

Dragonborn is new DLC and has many cool things, and this is one gamers need to know Skyrim deathbrand unlock guide, for quest, helmet, armor, gaunlets, boots etc with location hints and other game tricks.

For game players who use magic Deathbrand set is ideal light armour, the armor will grow more powerfull when more parts of the set are accumulated.
you can do that by beginning a certain quest for the very purpose, known as Deathbrand.

Skyrim Deathbrand Unlock

Skyrim Dragonborn Deathbrand

Starting the game Quest
To begin this quest you require at least game level 38 . then, you need to go to temple in rave to get and read a backup of the Deathbrand book. the book could be found also in Greathall of SkaalvVillage or Retching Netch . After reading deathbrand book you will have power to unlock ancient chests,

How to Find parts of Deathbrand Armor Set

Skyrim Deathbrand Helmet location
Go to Haknir’s Shoal,it's a small island in the north of Solstheim,
with this helmet : +100 Armor when using a full set and Waterbreathing

Skyrim Deathbrand Armor location
this part is protected by 2 bandits , it's in North of Earthstone, northwest of Raven Rock.
Enchantmen this marmor t: +15 Stamina per Deathbrand item worn

Skyrim Deathbrand Gauntlets location
it's around a river, Overa waterfall south of Bristleback Cave,
gauntlets Enchantment: +10% much more destruction per Deathbrand item put on with one-handed game guns.

Skyrim Deathbrand Boots Location
The boots is enclosed by ash spawn, first you have to visit west of Tel Mithryn, find it in a chest along the river shore
Boots Enchantment: you can gain 10 more carrying capacity for each Deathbran item worn

skyrim deathbrand unlock
Skyrim Deathbrand Unlock

Skyrim Dragonborn deathbrand Quest After The Armor
Well it's not good if you back off now and go discovering for other game stuffs. If you possess the Nordic Pickaxe, then you will get some potions, gold, and a set of exclusive Scimitar swords possessed by Mr. Death-Brand .

Then if you can get Death brand armor set last part, you should additionally uncover a key for visiting the Gyldenhul Barrow. Not so far from there you can take the corpse of a dead adventurer and 2 sarcophagi with Stahlrim

Next, you have to to equip the Nordic Pickaxe first and mine through the Stahlrim to show a secret passage. go down to discover some treasure. After you take some items, the gateway behind will be shut.

After that you will arrive at the resting area of Haknir Deathbrand. then take Scimitar, Bloodscythe there and the ghost of Death-Brand will show up. Defeat that gost and the spawn enemies. After you beat the ghost you can loot him to get Soulrender, taht's a great weapon.

If you can equipe both weapons concurrently while using the Deathbrand armor, that is make you additional buffs power , like improving damage with one-handed weapons for every item of Deathbrand Armor you have prepared, and boosting the armor to break the shield.

That's for skyrim deathbrand unlock guide and tips, read other dragornborn game tricks in this site here

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