Pottermore Book 3 Walkthrough

This game part title is The Prisoner of Azkaban, here it is Pottermore Book 3 Walkthrough, there are many items you can collect and unlock, check out them below.

Pottermore Book 3 Walkthrough

Book 3 Chapter 1
  • pickup the compass (2nd level zoom)
  • pickup edgar strouler chocolate frog
  • pickup items on the bed
  • pick up free galleon (2nd level zoom)

Chapter 2 game
  • unlock marge dursley (1st level zoom)

Pottermore Book 3 Walkthrough
Pottermore Book 3 Walkthrough

Book 3 chapter 3
  • collect blenheim stalk chocholate frog
  • pickup flower heads (2n level zoom)

chapter 4 game
  • pickup invisible book of invisibility (1st level zoom)
  • below that book collect another book with title Philosophy of the Mundane: Why the Muggles Prefer Not to Know
  • moment 2 zoom level 1, collect a tub of dead blowflies
  • get rat tonic (zoom level 3)
  • on the right side you can get gulliver Pokeby Chocolate Frog Card

Pottermore Book 3 Walkthrough
"Pottermore Book 3 Walkthrough"

book 3 chapter 5
  • in moment 1 you can collect Bertie Bott’s Sausage-Flavoured Bean.

chapter 6
  • in moment 1, players could u nlock sir cadogan
  • moment 2 zoom 2 : you can get the Exploding Snap Pack ,tea cup , the Cassandra Vablatsky Chocolate Frog Card and book Xylomancy
  • you may unlock Professor Kettleburn in moment 3 zoom 2 , beside it, you can get Norvel Twonk Chocolate Frog Card

That's Pottermore Book 3 Walkthrough, please wait the update of this pottermore game tips tricks

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