How to Unlock The Boggart in Pottermore Book 3

The Prisoner for Azkaban Section is just released and this is game tips for how to unlock The Boggart in Pottermore Book 3 Chapter 7. Well it's a bit hard but don't worry it will be easier with this guide.

Chapter 7 title is The Boggart in wardrobe

How to Unlock The Boggart in Pottermore

There are several Pottermore Boggarts:
  • Ghastly, he is bloody mummy boggart. Riddikilus splats ghastly on the ground
  • Ghostly-singing lady boggart (Banshee?). Riddikulus steals her voice and let her expression wilt
  • Giant tarantula boggart. Riddikulus makes this boggart shrivel up.
  • Severed-hand boggart, one with crawling .
  • Snape-coming-out-of-the-darkened-wardbrobe boggart.

While The patronus :
  • Severus Snape, for it’s riddikulus Severus putting on his grans outfits.
  • A Mummy, for it’s riddikulus the mummy tripped above its bandages.
  • A banshee , for it’s riddikulus her losing her voice.
  • A giant tarantula for it’s riddikulus the spider cutbacks it legs
  • A disembodied living hand for it’s riddikulus it was immobilized (mousetrap).

"How to unlock the boggart in pottermore" : first you must beat the mummy. and you may jump to the end of the chapter, after that you can read the content by clicking the link.

Cast the Riddikulus spell, in this session you may refresh the page so you can have other boggarts. To have Riddikulus psee you must double klik or zooming in. but remember that Riddikulus is slow moving spell type.

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