How to Conjure Werebear in Skyrim

In solshheim this creature is your important friend. but how to conjure werebear in skyrim dragonborn? Here it is guide and trick to unlock them

how to conjure werebear in skyrim

You just need just to Conjure a friendly Werebear , it must be 60 seconds duration. note : this can be use for once , and need to be reacquired again to use it more..

In order to acquire Conjure Werebear ability, first you have to get the Beast Stone , find it on the island of Solstheim, just visit south of the Temple of Miraak.
you can visit this location in dragonborn main quest chain

you can find beast stone also within the quest of Cleansing the Stone, in this quest gamers may begin the quest after clearing the Temple of Miraak.

How to Conjure Werebear in Skyrim video

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