Hitman Absolution Attack of the Saints guide

Welcome to Hitman Absolution Attack of the Saints item locations game guide. In this chapter you have to collect many items. how to find them? follow our tips trick below

Hitman Absolution Attack of the Saints Item Locations
first evidence In the corner of patriot hangar

  • Disguise - Scarecrow : Go to Cornfield. Look for The first hut across from where agent 47 begins.
  • Disguise - Agent 47's Suit : Obtain this disguise In the white bag
  • Disguise - Agency Soldier : you can take this disguise from agency enemies in this -Attack of the Saints- chapter
  • The Absolver : you must find LaSandra Dixon then take this absolver from Lasandra
  • Agency Jagd P22G : there are 2 location in this game chapter, first item in the parking lot and another one is from enemies
  • Agency Dynamics CPW : find the subordinate Saints because they bring this item .
  • Agency ARZ 160 : you can get this ARX60 from Enemy firearms
  • Agency Tanto Knife : same as SPS 12 you can find Tanto knife in parking are
  • Agency SPS 12 : walk to preset areas. and get a SPS12 in Parking are the place where the civilian is killed.
  • Baseball Bat : you need to get into Reception area.

Hitman Absolution Attack of the Saints

Hitman Absolution Attack of the Saints evidence

in second floor of Patriot entourage's VIP

Hitman Absolution Attack of the Saints Item Location
  • Axe : go to the Scarecrow shack, look for the axe near it..
  • Brick : this item is scattered in many location in game
  • Bill Spike : you can find bill spike on Reception Counter.
  • Crowbar : take the crowbar from little outdoor disposal area in Reception
  • Cleaver : find cleeaver In the BBQ area (its' Reception)
  • Fire Extinguisher : it's easy because you can find fire extinguisher in Several locations.
  • Dog's Bone : first go to cornfield then find A shed near LaSandra's position, get the bone there
  • Hula Girl : simply go to bar, check out the parking are
  • Golf Club : of course you can find this in Mini-golf course.
  • Gasoline Can : there are 2 location for you to find the gasoline can in Parking and Reception.
  • Iron : it is in the Room where agent 47 starts in.
  • Rat Poison : to get rat poison go to motel 1st floor , check the corner , you must find a cleaning cart, pick up the poison from the cart
  • Metal Pipe : there are Various place that you can find the pipe easily.
  • Remote Explosive : first visit parking then go to behind big bus then you will find agency set-up area
  • Radio : take the radio from the Reception's BBQ area.
  • Wrench and bottle : there are many place in the game that you can find these 2 items easily
that's for Hitman Absolution Attack of the Saints Item Location, please visit other absolution game tricks still in our site here

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