Floor 15 100 FLoors Why 1643

You know the answer for this level, floor 15 100 floors, but why 1643? here it is the explanation

It's actually simple, you just need to follow the clue, the clue is above the door, there is 4 codes. the first code is symbol like letter -L- in reverse. so it means

Floor 15 100 FLoors

Floor 15 100 FLoors

first rectangle (top left) and there is number 1
The second code is symbol like Letter - C - so it means middle right rectangle or number 6.
Third code is left rectangle or number 4
the fourth code is top right rectangle or number 3

Now you can understand why 1643 as the answer of

100 floors level 15

100 floors video guide

100 floors Level 16
pick up screwdriver, remove 4 screws, drag the board, then flip your smartphone (make screen side down)

100 floors Level 17
move the ball to the left and let it push the button, then to the right 2 times then to the left again 3 times then to the right again 2 times

That's the answer for floor 15 100 floors until level 17 and explanation for why 1643. read also other level tips in this site

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