BF3 Aftermath Assignments

This is game guide with text explanation for Battlefield 3 BF3 Aftermath Assignments list. As New DLC there are some unlockables including new weapons. How to unlock rewards? (Xbow scoped, HE bolt, Scan Bolt, Grease Monkey, Quake Survivor Dog Tag, etc) find out the detail in our tips and tricks below.

BF3 Aftermath Assignments
BF3 Aftermath Assignments

1. Battlefield 3 Sticks and Stones assignment
This is simple : Just play Scavenger and win 3 rounds
As the Reward you will get CrossBow or Xbow

2. Battlefield 3 Archery 101 Assignment
Finish the task below :
Clear battlefield Sticks and Stones Assignment
then you must achieve 5 Xbow (crossbow) Kills.
As the reward you can Unlock Old School Dog Tag
tips: Actually The crossbow has abbility to kill several players in one shot so you can clear the task quickly, simply play on game mode with small map there are many options for this such as : Squad Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch to obtain 5 kill task quickly.

Battlefield 3 Aftermath Assignments

3. "BF3 Aftermath Assignments" : William Tell
with Xbow achieve 50 kills
Clear previous game assignment (archery 101)
Still with crossbow get total 150 m headshoot, it's cumulative distance from killing some enemies, try Xbow scoped for better action.
After completing above 3 taks you will get William Tell Dog Tag as the reward

4. Battlefield 3 This is my boom stick assignment
you must achieve 50 carbine kills
Use assault rifle then achieve 50 ki lls
Then you will get another dog tag , Squeezing the Trigger

5. Battlefield 3 Stay away from my tent assignment
Use side arms weapon and achieve 10 headshots killing (side arms = various hand guns)
Use sniper rifle then achieve 50 game kills (you can find the weapon in recon kit)
Clear another aftermath assignment : Sticks and Stones
tips : it's better clearing this task on hardcore
AS the reward of completeing the assignment you can get BA Bolt

There are 5 more BF3 Aftermath assignments : It is ok to thank me , A good demo man, Go play Close Quarters, Riding shotgun, and On top of the richter scale assignment. Read them still in this site, here.

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