BF3 Aftermath Achievements

This is new DLC or downloadable content of the game. Here it is Battlefield 3 BF3 Aftermath Achievements List and guide for how to get the trophies. Until now there are 5 points, Let's explore every achievement

BF3 Aftermath Achievements

1. Battlefield 3 aftermath Bite your finger achievement
You have to find the secret reptile, it's 30 G - silver

2. BF3 Extreme Hoarder achievement
For this trophy simply get 50 weapons in Scavenger game mode, it's 20 points - bronze

3. Battlefield 3 aftermath Handyman achievement
You must Unlock all xbow or crosbow weapon parts, it's 20 G - bronze

BF3 Aftermath Achievements
BF3 Aftermath Achievements

4. BF3 Home made javelin trophy
to get this achievement you need to damage an enemy vehicle using the crossbow weapon, it's 20 G - bronze

5. Battlefield 3 Pocket full of death achievement
to get this trophy you need to get a kill with crossbow, primary weapon, and hand grenade, but keep it without dying. it's 30 G - silver

We will try to update BF3 Aftermath Achievements list, so back to this page again or you can read other Battlefield 3 game tips in this site here

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