100 Missions Level 10

This is new update for the game, How to solve the quest? ckeck out out the guide here : 100 missions level 10.

1. take black little table , it's on left side , then take tape roll on other table

100 Missions Level 10
100 missions game tips tricks

2. plug the electric cord in bathroom, look at the mirror , tap the faucet , save the number 4-7-2-8, take also pliers
3. go back to the table open the brown box with code 4728 then pickup the knife
4. use the knife to cut the bed, then use pliers to take spring (from spring bed)
5. tap the rug, tap corner so it's flip use spring then take scredriver

100 Missions Level 10
100 missions level 10

6. open aquarium, use spring and pick golden key, then go to bathroom , use golden key to open latch, pickup bauty powder
7. move to little table beside windows, use beauty powder to show up finger print
8. use tape roll to copy fingerprint then go to door use that fingerprint
9 go to vent., place balckgold table from inventory, use screwdriver to open vent, then exit through the vent

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