100 Christmas Gifts Level 10 11 12 13 14 Explanation

This is new mobile game and read our explanation guide for 100 Christmas Gifts Level 10 11 12 13 14 walkthrough as the answer for question how to solve the level easily. The game is developed by globeapps the famous games maker and can be run on android smartphones and iOS device such as iphone, ipad and iPod.

100 Christmas Gifts Level 10

100 christmas gifts Level 10

first you have to tap the gift on ground, each time tapping it the gift will show up on the seat. What you have to do is to tap the gifts in the same sequence. So you must remember it, or just follow this guide

1. stocking, right col,row 2
2. santa clause, left col, row 1
3. tree , mid col bottom
4. snowy globe right col, row 1
5. candy cane , right col, bottom
6. bells
7, mistletoe
8. star
9, candle

or simply look at the pic for the right place

100 christmas gifts Level 11

In this level you just need to swift your finger accross the star, in the certain direction from left start to right star (clockwise)
1st star (bottom left) swipe up
2nd star swipe right
3rd star swipe down
4th star swipe left
5th star swipe up
6th star swipe right
now the door will open and the santa comes, for detail answerr look at the picture

100 Christmas Gifts Level 14
100 Christmas Gifts Level 10

100 christmas gifts Level 12

THis is not so hard to beat, first shake your smartphone, this will let the snowman move then keep tapping on it. this time the snowman is going smaller and finally will be dissapear. then the door will open.

100 christmas gifts Level 13

This is puzzle, what you have to do is arrange the pieces by flipping them. After the puzzle is clear the door will open to let the santa bring you the gifts, let's move to next 100 chritsmas game level

100 christmas gifts Level 14
There are 5 gifts on the ground. and you have to move all 5 gifts to the sland in the right sequence, look at the lamp above as the clue, the answer is
1. yellow
2. green
3. red
4. purple
5. blue
or look at the picture above

That's all answer for 100 Christmas Gifts Level 10 until 14, read other game guide for next level still in our site

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