The Room Walkthrough

Welcome to The Room walkthrough. you can find guide or hints to solve every chapter or level. the game is developed by fireproof games, a smart studios that has released some mobile interesting applications. About the genre, The rooms is actually puzzle type mobile game. Users need to solve every chapter with pickup some items and break codes.

TO interact with the game users may tap, swipe, pinch, tilt or shake the mobile devices. Since the game is run on iOS so mobile device like iPhone , iPad and iPod can run this game.

the room walkthrough
the room walkthrough

The Room Chapter 1

  • focus to top of the safe by swipe ur finger to move the cam.
  • zoom in envelope there and slide out the letter
  • then pick up the key
  • rotate the box (it's trinket box) to show keyhole then place the key there.
  • turn clockwiseto open the box
  • then pickup eyepiece
  • focus to note by zooming it out
  • swipe cam to bottom of the safe
  • look for symjbol like fire on the leg of the safe.
  • tap the symbol then pickup the key
  • tap the that key (it's in inventory)
  • rotate that key clockwise
  • back then zoom again to the safe, now to its side
  • noz zoom in part of peculiar marking on the safe
  • slide the panel to the left
  • slide the key (with fire symbol) to the hole the turn the key to the right
  • now pickup metal plate
  • go to left then look for talisman logo
  • turn metal plate left
  • pickup lens

the room walkthrough
"the room walkthrough"

  • touch eyepiece icon
  • turn the view to circulat panel (it's on safe)
  • zoom the scratch mark
  • slide the panel left
  • use the key from inventory
  • turn the key then exit inventory
  • slide the key to the hole the turn right for gold plate

video walkthrough

The room game

  • show up vlue marking on that plate by tap on eyepiece icon
  • turn blue narking to make the symbol like triangle
  • finish , you can open safe door now.

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