Pottermore Dried Nettles

where is pottermore dried nettles locations ? read our game guide here for detail info about this ingredient.

Well if you want to make a potion called swelling solution you need this ingredient. this is actually free, you dont have to buy in diagon alley but you need effort to fing it. But don't worry you can find it fast with this hints

pottermore dried nettles
pottermore dried nettles

There are 3 dried netles locations :
  • Book 1 in chapter 8 go to moment 3 . locate a barrel then look at above it because it's hung there
  • Book 2 in chapter 1 go to moment 2 , it's in Two Enormous Green Eyes where you can find wheelbarrow. get the dried nettle there
  • Book 2 in chapter 14 go to moment 2 . get it around barrel

pottermore game
pottermore dried nettles

For pottermore sweeling solution you need

  1. bat spleens
  2. dried nettles
  3. pufferfish eyes

In brewing this potion you have to pay attention to the counter when you pouring every ingredients. Since the server is busy sometimes the counter is lag , so wait a moment before putting more ingredients

Same as above you have to be patient in stirring because of lag. so stir once wait a moment , look at the stir counter then you may continue to stir again.

That's for pottermore dried nettles locations read other pottermore game tricks in this site

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