Hitman Absolution Welcome To Hope Locations

Find these stuffs in this game guide of Hitman Absolution Welcome to Hope item locations. This is chapter no 7 in the game and there is only one eivdence in the office of great balls of fire.

Hitman Absolution Welcome To Hope Item Locations

Item location list for Welcome to Hope chapter

  • Disguise - Hope Police Officer : collect this disguise from The policmen in desert tan.
  • Disguise - Truck Driver : get the disguise from enemies with red shirt.
  • Disguise - Hope Bar Bouncer : look for men with the roadije t-shirts.
  • Worn Z&M Model 60 : in this chapter you have to find this weapon from Some enemies who use this weapon.
  • JAGD P22G : this is handgun , get this weapon from Hope Police Department
  • HX UMP : remember kane? ( he is with Lynch) , kane use this weapon. so agent 47 should take him out by the jukebox to get this weapon.
  • Mustang Snub : get from enemies weapon, Some of them use this gun .
  • Steak souce Bottle  : go to back of the bar, spot the table over the bartender, there is red bottle it's botle of ketchup or sauce
  • Police M590 12GA : Go to bar office , there is m590 with the evidence.

Hitman Absolution Welcome To Hope walkthrough

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Hitman Absolution Welcome To Hope Item Locations

  • Bill Spike : go to the bar, get this item On the counter .
  • Baseball Bat : find the stall in restroom , there is baseball batt
  • Keycard : this keycard will permit you to pass bar security office, get this card at The left staircase .
  • Glass : just make bar fight then go to a pool table in the back, look for a mug of beer. pick it up
  • Metal Pipe : the location for this item is in the bar
  • Tomahawk : go around bartender counter, find this item On the dart board .
  • Plunger : you know where to get this item, it should be in the bathroom
  • Hula Girl : this is a toy, get this toy in the front of the bar, the location is place where the bouncers stop agent 47 from going forwardBottle : there are many Empty beer bottles in abundance

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